We believe that every building should embody a sense of the place by being sensitive to the climate and the culture of the place.

Wonderful, pleasurable and efficient spaces result not only from an economic energy strategy or from the orchestration of natural and artificial light, but also from a study of the building programme or brief, and from cost management.

The main concern of the practice has been to develop low energy designs in response to the climate. In the tropics, this has meant minimising solar gain and accentuating air movement for cooling using various elements including water.

Projects have been carried out in Tanzania since 1996 although its directors have a longer experience of working here.

The directors have also worked in the UK and other countries including India, Ethiopia, Saudi Arabia and USA.

The work of the practice ranges in scale from large residential schemes to furniture, from offices, factories, laboratories, healthcare to proposals for large scale urban projects.

Cost management is of great importance - all buildings have been completed within their respective budgets.

The practice also carries out project management consultancy was appointed by the Gates Malaria Foundation to oversee their current projects in Tanzania.

Working closely with the client, we rigorously question and research all received briefs, which often results in a complete re-think of the project.

A dining room for a school became a covered stepped auditorium under the library after we studied and analysed the students' actual requirements. Different approaches are sometimes taken to familiar building elements.